Car Care Products

We have the entire range of car care products that are of highest quality to meet international standards.

  • Car-Care-ProductsCar Shampoo
  • Vinyl & Dashboard polish
  • A/c Auto Kleen:To clean & maintain optimum working efficiency of auto A/c’s.
  • Engine lacquer
  • Tyre Dresser
  • Upholstery Cleaner
  • Choke & Carb Cleaner – to remover carbon deposits and restore original working efficiency.
  • Rustfree – to stop squeaking and release jammed /rusted bolts & nuts.
  • Glass Cleaner – Streak free glass cleaner with anti-mist properties.
  • Windshield cleaner – Reservoir tank additive to clean glass with wiper-on.
  • Car perfume – Premium perfume to enthrall car interiors.
  • Rubbing and polishing compounds – to remove scratches and clean & polish painted surfaces.
  • Paint removers – Gel, Semi-gel & liquid versions – to remove old paint.
  • Tacky duster – Barrier paint booth coating to protect walls and other surfaces from overspray.