About Us

Passion and commitment to specialise in Clean Technologies for surface treatment and metal finishing applications propelled us to incorporate Pyro Technologies in the year 1994.

We are an MSME and an ISO 9001-2015 certified organization having our Head-Office and Works at Kanakapura, near Bangalore, backed by all required statutory certifications, approvals and a licensed manufacturer of Eco-friendly products for most of the industrial and domestic surface treatment & finishing applications.

Since inception, we have developed and established many unique Eco-friendly products and processes which are working successfully in various industry verticals including Aerospace, Marine, Steel Mills, Engineering, Automotive, Electronics, Defence Establishments, Govt. Organisations, Public Sectors, Research institutions and Re-Manufacturing Industries.

Equipped with the state of the art in-house R&D centre and a sophisticated manufacturing facility with an inspired, qualified and experienced team catering to the various challenges and offering customised product solutions to a wide and varied spectrum of industries. Our services include Failure analysis, Indigenisation and Consultancy, Contract R & D, Product Development, Technology Transfer and Training.

Today, Pyro Technologies is the most preferred destination for Eco-friendly products and processes for Industrial and Domestic requirements right from Design stage to Dispatch of products.

Our esteemed clientele are delighted to be associated with us & with our Professional and diligent Service, Industry Proven Products, Waste to Wealth Projects and Unique First to Formulate Clean Technologies which are Safe, Simple and Effective in addition to preserving Green and Improving QHSE Standards.

Awards and Testimonials received from our clients motivate us to Innovate & Serve more in ensuring a more Greener Globe.

Our Vision:

To Provide Clean Technologies for surface treatment & metal finishing applications, Ensuring a more greener and Safer World.

Our Mission:

Continuous Research & Development and Providing customised product solutions in the area of surface treatment and metal finishing, which are Eco-friendly, simple, safe and effective for Industrial and Domestic requirements right from Design stage to Dispatch of products.

Providing Professional and diligent Service, solving problems, establishing Waste to Wealth Projects in preserving Green and Improving QHSE Standards.

Our brands:

Eco friendly solutions formulated to take care of pretreatment, process and post treatment requirements of metals, alloys and non-metals.

Products includes Room temperature Degreasers, Cleaners, conditioners, activators, paint removers, Safe pickling solutions, passivation solutions and like...

Product range specifically developed for Iron and steel surface treatment and protection requirements.

Product includes Descaler, Mill scale remover, Rinse additives, Rust preventive solutions, Room temperature Phosphate coating solutions, No rinse cleaners and protective coatings.

Product range specifically developed degreasing and cleaning of metals, alloys and non-metals using aqueous-based solutions.


Product range specifically developed for domestic market.

List of products includes:

  1. GreenC® Unique Cleaner 1244. (Water Scales, Stains, Soap scum, Rust & Dirt Remover).
  2. GreenC® Glass Cleaner
  3. GreenC® Washing Machine Descaler.
  4. GreenC® Tacky Booth Coat 0860 (Barrier Coating for Paint Booth).
  5. GreenC® RustOust (Organic Rust Remover)
  6. Juspray® 1302 (Multi Purpose Penetrating Spray)
  7. GreenC® SS Bio Passivation 361.

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