We innovate and establish eco-friendly Products Processes Systems & Solutions to achieve outstanding results for surface treatment and finishing of Metals Alloys and Non Metals.

We offer our expertise for industrial and consumer requirements from Product design to Dispatch.

  • Develop, manufacture & supply of specialty eco–friendly products.
  • Solutions from pre-treatment to packing.
  • Waste Utilization
  • Zero Waste Systems
  • Wealth from waste
  • Help generate carbon credit
  • Enhance Quality and safety
  • Formulation Development
  • Training and Technology Transfer
  • Import Substitution
  • Precious Metal Recovery
  • Failure Analysis and Prevention
  • Consultancy
  • Contract R&D

We look forward to providing custom focused clean technologies as your needs arise.

Industrial Products

We offer Eco-Friendly products to treat metals, alloys & non-metals from Design to Dispatch. A Few of our products: SafeSolv : Safe dry cleaning solvent. Straight substitution for TCE, PCE, MDC & other Chlorinated / fluorinated solvents. Aqua Ecosolve : Aqueous Based Bio-Degradable cleaner / degreaser. Ecosolve : Wipe On-Wipe Off Degreaser…

Consumer / Domestic Products

Marble cleaner : Cleaner for all marble surfaces Foam Glass cleaner : Streak free glass cleaner Foam Toilet cleaner : Unique foam toilet cleaner –sanitizer Car Shampoo : Car wash Liquid Liquid detergent : Fabric wash cum softener Dish wash liquid : Dish wash liquid for dish washer…