Industrial Products

We offer Eco-Friendly products to treat metals, alloys & non-metals from Design to Dispatch.
A Few of our products:

  SafeSolv : Safe dry cleaning solvent. Straight substitution for TCE, PCE, MDC & other Chlorinated / fluorinated solvents.
  Aqua Ecosolve : Aqueous Based Bio-Degradable cleaner / degreaser.
  Ecosolve : Wipe On-Wipe Off Degreaser.
  Resolve : Dry cleaning solvent for PCB’S.
  Ferro Care : Ferrous cleaner & protector.
  Plastogel : Paint Remover Gel from plastic.
  D-Rust Organic : Organic Rust Remover.
  Wax Coat : Corrosion preventive coating.
  Unisolve : Universal metal cleaner.
  Wax Spray : Corrosion preventive spray.
  Rustfree : Multipurpose penetrating Oil.
  Power Clean : Electrical Contact Cleaner
  Eco Paint Remover : Non-Hazardous Paint Remover.
  Carbon Remover : Burnt-On Carbon remover.
  Wonder Clean : Multi-purpose degreaser made from naturally occurring citrus peels.
  Rust Convertor : Rust remover & protector.
  Forming Oil : Water soluble
  Rust Preventive Oil : Water soluble
  Plasto Solve : Paint Remover from Plastic.
  ABS Cleaner : ABS Plastic cleaner / degreaser.

We have expertise to handle, Metals and alloys of:
Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Zinc, Cobalt, Gold, Kover, Magnesium, Manganese, Nickel, Platinum, Silver, Titanium, Tungsten etc….

Our product range includes:
Cleaner, Degreaser, Descaler, Activator, Brightener.
Solutions for Polishing, Etching, Pickling, Blackening etc….

Maintenance cleaners, forming oils, Rust preventive oils, Dewatering liquids.
Rust /Corrosion removers, Corrosion inhibitors, Protective coatings, Coating removers, Paint removers & many more.

Stainless Steel Pickling

We have the entire range of processing solutions for stainless steel of all types & grades including Duplex alloys. PICKLING: Chemical Descaling & Pickling: liquid version available Electro-chemical pickling: Liquid. Type: Immersion Electro –Wipe: For Field / in-situ cleaning / Descaling applications PASSIVATION: Bio-Passivation: Nitric free Liquid & gel versions available DE-BURRING / POLISHING: Chemical…


We offer the entire range of processing solutions for Aluminum & Aluminum alloys including high silicon aluminum castings. POLISHING: Chemical Polishing Electro chemical polishing Cleaner / Brightening solution for Aluminum alloys and castings

Copper & Copper Alloys

Includes all types & grades of brass, bronze, electrolytic grades of copper & copper nickel alloys. Our treatment solutions are available for ingots, finished components and castings. PRECLEANERS /ACTIVATORS Nitric acid free POLISHING: Chemical: Nitric acid free Bright dip solutions for alloys and castings. Electro polishing solution Tumbling Solution. ANTI TARNISH: Rinse cycle additive Film…

Mild Steel & Alloy Steels

Includes Cast iron, All grades of EN Series of steels RUST REMOVERS: NON CORROSIVE Safe rust removers – gel , semi-gel & liquid versions Rust convertors Hydrogen Embrettlement free solutions Rust preventives Regular R.P. Oil, water soluble R.P.Oil Rinse water additives, & rust inhibitors PRE CLEANERS / ACTIVATORS: Chemical Descaling & Pickling: Gel, Semi-gel &…

Silver & Silver Alloys

Includes Electrolytic grade silver & alloys of silver. PRECLEANERS /ACTIVATORS Nitric acid free POLISHING: Chemical Polishing – Nitric acid free Premium Polishing & Bright dip solutions Electro polishing solution Mechanical polishing media. Abrasive Polishing Cream ANTI TARNISH: Rinse cycle additive Film forming additive Transparent Coatings ANTIQUE FINISHING: Different colors on silver.

Gold & Gold Alloys

Includes 24 Karat, 9 karat, 14 karat, 18 karat & 22 karat gold. ETCHING: Electrochemical etching system & solutions POLISHING: Electro polishing solution PLATING & PLATING STRIP SOULTIONS:CYANIDE FREE Electro Plating solutions Solutions to remove plating / ink / enamel RECOVERY: System & Solution to recover Gold from Spent oil & cotton waste

Titanium & Titanium Alloys


Car Care Products

We have the entire range of car care products that are of highest quality to meet international standards. Car Shampoo Vinyl & Dashboard polish A/c Auto Kleen:To clean & maintain optimum working efficiency of auto A/c’s. Engine lacquer Tyre Dresser Upholstery Cleaner Choke & Carb Cleaner – to remover carbon deposits and restore original working efficiency…

Non Metals

Mold Release agents : For Plastic injection, P.U. molding. Paint remover : From plastic and wood.- Gel, Semi-gel, and Liquid Versions. Surface Cleaner : To clean plastic / painted surfaces. Wax polish : To enhance the glossiness of plastic / painted surfaces. Wood polish : To clean & polish dull wood surfaces to a high…